The Agency Review: Poseur

Poseur: A Memoir of Downtown New York City in the ‘90s

Consequence of Sound: Can Rock Movies Be Saved

Can the Rock ‘n’ Roll Movie Be Saved?

Time Literary Supplement

Les Inrockuptibles

NPR/Morning Edition

The Recoup
Take Me Down To Anorak City: A Critical Conversation with Author Marc Spitz

From the Bookshelf

Charlestown City Paper Twee Review

WHYY Radio Times interview (audio)
In Semi-Defense of “Brooklyn Girls”

The Atlantic Monthly

AV Club – review

Los Angeles Times interview

The Daily Beast

Huffington Post – Top 20 Twee Icons

Paste magazine interview – Excerpt/Twee

VF Daily – Exclusive Excerpt

WNYC Soundcheck: “The Origin of Twee Culture”

Largehearted Boy: Book Notes

Bedford and Bowery: An A to Z of Twee

An A-to-Z Index of Marc Spitz’s New History of All Things Twee

New Hampshire Public Radio Interview: “What is Twee?”

LA Times Summer Reading

Soundcheck -WNYC interview

Vanity Fair’s VF Daily book excerpt exclusive

Marc Spitz’s ‘Poseur’ is a Portrait, Masterly and Self-Contained

February 21st, 2013 // PopMatters

Soundcheck Smackdown: Morrissey—Witty or Washed Up?

February 17th, 2009 // Soundcheck

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