bigger than

i bought a bread basket.  i’m not procrastinating anymore.   in the end, i blame the pollen.  the pollen made me what i am today (shut up, spitz, you’re just another white, suburban punk like me)… i know but it still hurts….

this is the bread basket.  i keep my baked goods in the freezer and have no cause for the bread basket really except perhaps some top storage, and to speed up avocado ripening (no small thing) and banana ripening (a smaller thing since they seem to riper on their own in about 30 seconds and die in about a minute and a half around here).


i hope you like the bread basket.  i hope you will like the book i’m working on.   my mother seems to think it’s fascinating (book not basket) which is usually a good sign because sometimes i describe my works in progress to her and she says, “marc, who is going to read/see that.”



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