Watching Straight to Hell.   Crap old VHS copy.  I need to locate the tracking button on my player for the first time since the Reagan era.   I always had a problem with this movie and it’s because I loved Repo Man so much that it’s just jarring to see Archie and Light,  J. Frank Parnell and Duke in different roles.   That’s really it.   That and the fact that it’s terrible, but looks like it was a lot of fun to make.   I’ve never seen Walker.  That’s next.   In my Netflix queue.    There are a lot of stylistic debts that Guy Ritchie and Quentin owe to this film.  I wonder if they will admit it.   It’s like they took this model and improved it (by a lot).   Courtney is great though.   She seems to get that as a movie, it’s utter chaos and easy to steal.    It’s hard to follow something flawless like Repo Man and I think Cox is smart to not even try… to go in the opposite direction and like… flaw-out.   Make a real mess.   They call these movies “acid westerns” a la El Topo I guess, but I’m only drinking a Diet Coke.    Another thought: Sy Richardson remains underused.   Is he still around.  Where the fuck is Sy Richardson?   images


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