Long Live the New Flesh (Book)




It’s been… well forever since I posted here, but I keep telling myself to try to get into it, especially now that I’ve established a good research clip for the new book, which is called LOUD PICTURES.   The subtitle will probably be futzed with but it’s essentially a history of rock and roll cinema, from the 50s (The Girl Can’t Help It) up to the present.   I will save the stuff that belongs in the book for the book but as I go I may throw some extra observations, teasers about who I just interviewed or perhaps the “My Rhythm Box” sequence from Liquid Sky over and over again up here in this very space.    I have started with the 1980s, early to mid, because that’s what I feel most confident writing about… a kind of cinema of dystopia when they start to realize the 60s are not coming back, but there will be plenty of zombies, mutants and technology gone bad (and excellent soundtracks).   Rock stars become movie stars during this period and vice verse (why is it if you are big enough to be a rock star,  you want to be a movie star and and if you are a big enough movie star, you are almost obliged to start a shit band).    I am writing my notes in yellow Mead Cambridge notebooks.   They cost about five dollars each and I expect to fill 25 of them longhand.   I’m also writing in a word file, 14 point Century font, double space.   Really it’s been about three years since I started a book.   POSEUR, my memoir was written on spec 5 years ago and Twee, my last release had its inception (in Cambridge notebooks) circa 2012.   Girls and New Girl had just started and were all the rage like General Public used to say.     Anyway, watch this space, please.    And happy 90s birthday to Yogi Berra.


PS. When I have more information about the book’s release I will share of course.   I know it will likely be some time in ’16 from Dey Street/Harper which published Twee.  Same editor, same house, different book…. about the marriage of movies and popular music.   It’s the part I was born to play.



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