Favorite Song Ever (today anyway)


2 thoughts on “Favorite Song Ever (today anyway)

  1. It’s interesting how this moment here on Tv captivated so many who were to crystalize in ’76/’77 and beyond. And just how GLORIOUS that break in the song is. Speaking of Eno, I was curious after reading ‘Bowie’ if you knew of some conflict between Eno and Bowie during the making of Lodger. I’ve read where Eno has said the early mixes were what he considered revolutionary and that the production was somehow taken from him? It really makes me curious just what could have been had it gone the way Eno wanted. And are those mixes in existence? Just imagining those the abandoned projects, songs and strange jams Bowie must have in his vault. Check out the Tin Machine II song ‘A Big Hurt’ maybe the most ‘punk’ sounding of his songs.

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