Another great post-college search of a film a la Reality Bites, Kicking and Screaming and later Tiny Furniture. “I’m just walking the earth…,” Marnie says.#TweeFilm

There’s a lot more about this in the book but Dollenmayer/Marnie is very much a muse. It’s her film, and wouldn’t exist without the person/actress (person first)#TweeFilm

More awkward pauses and laughter than any previous film in history most likely, but it freed cinema for awkward pauses and laughter and character is never broken. It’s some kind of feat. And it does real real.#TweeFilm

“What’s your deal?” “I’m sorry, that’s such a terrible question.”#TWeeFilm

Cassavetes gets mentioned much in discussion but this and some of the other Mumblecore remind me of the Warhol talkies I loved so much as a kid and felt cool for renting.#TweeFilm

Relate-ability is key: Marnie is looking around for the right person, both worthy of her and genuinely interesting. How aware is she of her attractiveness? Shit if I know but it doesn’t seem like much. “90 percent of the guys you know are head over heels in love with you,” she’s informed and seems genuinely surprised. Pointing out faux naiveté is a tool of the Twee hater though.#TweeFilm

“I’m like eggplant retarded.”#TweeFilm

Things to do: “become a better cook, learn to play guitar, go to museums, go without drinking one month, fitness initiative…” who does not own one of these lists… now probably on their phones.#TweeFilm

“We’re all gonna die someday.”#TweeFilm

One of the more convincing depictions of unrequited lust in film.#TweeFilm

Dollenmayer had offers after this film finally (finally) found its audience and seemed to have about the same interest in being a star as Marnie has in half the men in her universe.
I wonder what it would have been like if she’d made films like Gerwig made Lola Versus and Arthur etc.#TweeFilm

This is probably the more important film, well it definitely is, but I prefer Mutual Appreciation, the follow up. Just a preference.#TweeFilm


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