Happy Birthday 72nd birthday to Mr. Brian Wilson, who along with the Beatles, the Stones, Dylan, Love, The Zombies, The Who, The Kinks and others, transformed the once staid and clinical studio atmosphere into a free for all for the (often psychedelically Hamburger Helpered) imagination.   Wilson is a Twee hero as a result, but of course, his stature comes not only only down to his revolutionary approach but also the heart-lifting, simple but graceful melodies he created and the way he directed his bandmates and often a crowded room of professional musicians, to render the sounds in the way he heard them in his tortured head.   The early “Surfer Girl,” is supposedly indebted to “When  You Wish Upon A Star,” the most Twee song of all time.   “Wouldn’t It Be Nice?” “God Only Knows,” “Good Vibrations,” “Feel Flows,” “Sail On Sailor,” they have almost no precedent at all and are songs that have helped me through a lot of blues and via jukebox, made a potentially maudlin drunk (or date) hopeful.  Each one should be under a bell jar.   I interviewed Mr. Wilson for the New York Times (for a piece on “Be My Baby,” his favorite song and the white whale he’s been chasing for 50 years) and I had to be slow and patient with him but he’s still more or less a fully functioning genius who will one day appear on a stamp.  A national treasure, not made for these times, maybe but certainly a visionary who made them that much more bearable.



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