The next and final film in our Twee Film Society series is Andrew Bujalski’s 2002 comedy, Funny Ha Ha, which many consider the template for what would, by mid decade be called, for better or worse, “Mumblecore.” For a couple of years, “Mumblecore,” was the hottest cinematic movement in youth culture but then there was a backlash, even among some of it’s key figures (many are interviewed in Twee, in a chapter that I will someday regret calling “Welcome to the Mumble). Bujalski is probably the most talented and certainly among the nicest of all of them. Many think this film is the product of the new “we can make a movie on our phone and edit on our computer” technological revolution but it’s actually pretty old school in its execution. Here is the trailer:

Here is the original review by A.O. Scott nearly three years after the film was made, once it finally was released by a distributor. It was already semi-legendary.


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