The Criterion Collection, if you have it, is key for the Paul Scrader interview. He
gets it. “It’s a good film that pretends to be an amateur film. In many ways Tiny Furniture is an old fashioned film that’s wearing these new raggedy clothes.”#TweeFilm

Dunham a Mumblecore fan but she’s more immediately accomplished than them. On a different level. Maybe it’s New York City and the artists parents. Maybe it’s just talent and really good taste in film (M. core and obviously mainstream and indie and cult). She’s more like Tarantino than she is like Bujalski.#TweeFilm

There’s an immediacy to it from the start. An explosive sort of one minute she’s not here the next she’s here kind of debut that only happens a few times in pop: Kanye, Amy Winehouse, Dave Eggers.#TweeFilm

The entrance is key. The tone of her voice. The lack of irony. The believablility and the comfort. “Honey, I’m home. Family?”#TweeFilm

Like many Twee heroes, Braddock, Grover from Kicking and Screaming, she’s just graduated College and has no idea what to do with herself. Dunham smart to put herself there, even if technically she was there, in real life. #Twee Film

She sleeps, and sleeps, like Braddock. She “smells a little stale.”#TWeeFilm

The advent of YouTube as the new diary, I think this is the first film where its discussed and more than that, there’s some kind of currency to it. It’s like “I saw your band. I heard your demo,” used to be, now it’s “I saw your clip.” The first time the “stars” who are not real stars are represented on film. Karpovsky who I interview in Twee, is the Nietzschean Cowboy. He is a star. “He’s a little bit famous.”#TweeFilm

Future Ray and Future Jessa are just different enough from their soon to be much more famous incarnations, but both so watchable.#TweeFilm

Another dead hamster. Garden State homage? Gilda. A Radner homage. A double homage.#TweeFilm

“Do you want to go to the Odeon and order everything on the menus?” Yes please, Jemima Kirke.#TweeFilm

Picnic at Hanging Rock, Christiane F, the signals here are “We know everything and if we don’t we can find out about it.” It’s empowering and paralyzing at the same time; unlimited pop culture/cult culture knowledge.#TWeeFilm

“Sitting on a crate of onions reading Austerlitz so he’s really literary. “#TweeFilm

“I took three Klonopin and woke up next to a spoonful of peanut butter…” how can you write that line and not become very, very famous?#TweeFilm

“I am a young, young person who is trying very hard!” Dunham, because she is brave, and politically sound can confess her fear. Even when I graduated, you could not, you simply could not admit you were terrified and lost, esp. in Downtown New York City. You had to know where you AND your art were going.#TweeFilm

The best movie ever to contain a sex scene in a large tube. “You don’t have AIDS do you?#TweeFilm

The younger sister relationship is grating but I suspect it’s supposed to be.#TweeFIlm

The shorts on the Criterion show where some of the more hysterical and less
plot driving moments of Girls come from. Hooker On Campus. #TweeFilm


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