May be first film of its kind to speak to the routinely medicated generation.
It’s all about fighting numbness, trying to not be crazy but also, not feel nothing as a trade off.#TweeFilm

The first film of its kind to speak to the social networking generation and speak, I think honestly.#TweeFilm

Which casual plane crash scene is better this one or Fight Clubs?@TweeFilm

Braff has a great emotional poker face. We believe he is feeling (or as I said fighting to feel something) but it’s hard to gauge exactly what it is. He doesn’t try to act with his eyes, he acts by not acting with his eyes. He sort of acts with his forehead.#TweeFilm

A Twee Trope, the fascination with/terror of 70s music. From Baumbach to Coppola (Sofia) to the more celebratory Anderson and Superbad it’s ALWAYS there.#TweeFilm

Kenny the cop. “I had to grow up man. It’s time to grow up.”@TweeFilm

Ian Holm, reprising his role in Alien as Largeman’s Dad. He has milky fluid instead of blood.

The new rebel. Even his cycle has baggage, a sidecar. Uneasy rider, etc. etc.#TweeFilm

Silent Velcro. I love Armando Riesco. We did theater together back in the day. He gave me an interview for the book. He had no idea he was going to be in a classic. This was just a gig for him.#TweeFilm

Caring is Creepy.#TweeFilm

Why Jersey? Could it be anywhere U.S.A? Or could this only happen in Jersey? Explain.#TweeFilm

The most famous scene in the film begins with him being humped by a dog. Enter Portman. Exit light. “Are you really retarded?” It should absolutely not work but there is something to be said for charm, real charm elevating some writing to the iconic. “You gotta hear this one song. It’ll change your life.” And James Mercer’s life. This is the moment the Strokes truly died and have walked the earth as brain eating zombies for a decade.#TweeFilm

Adults are idiots. Another twee trope. The doctor with diplomas on the ceiling.#TweeFilm

“Okay, sometimes I lie. It’s weird man.” When has a leading woman ever said that, by the by? Again, charm sells “tickle” the blanket and the handling and burying of dead hamsters and the figure skating video that makes her look like a Sendak drawing.#TWeeFilm

“You’re like really Jewish.” “You’re what Grammy Hall would call a real Jew.” A secretly bold line…#TweeFilm

“I look forward to a good cry.” I think she is lovable in this because of the way she processes her pain; head on. It helps her see the world around her. “you’re in it now, aren’t you,” she asks him. She doesn’t need to navel gaze so she can look at other things, people, hear things, like.. .the Shins… seek inspiration, despite the pain, the literal disease.#TweeFilm

Hello Nick Drake, welcome to round two of your resurrection.#Twee Film

Sex is weird scene. A Twee trope. The creepy hotel room peep hole sequence. The only scene that wigs me out in a film that includes a stoner grave robber.#TweeFilm

Saarsgard probably got his star made here (as the stoner grave robber). I’ve never seen him better in anything.#TweeFilm

Jean Smart. Jim Parsons. Both excellent.#TweeFilm

I don’t even mind the heavy metaphor: literally screaming into the void or crevasse. The Rain washing them clean. The Friends =worthy ending.#TweeFilm

“This is good, this doesn’t happen often. “ “We need each other.” If you can achieve an sustain emotional authenticity you can get away with the soundtrack swell ending, a la the end of Girls season 2 (or the twelve out of a million Hollywood films before it that pulled it off).#TweeFilm

This ending vs. the Graduate. They are both still messes, only slightly less so. Will they make it? Shes she save him from the Mom-guilt? Can he feel now? I’m glad they end with ellipses…#TweeFilm

Does silent Velcro portend to the app gold rush?#TweeFIlm

Also this soundtrack is not that good if you really listen to it. Coldplay were a lot better back then anyway.#TweeFilm

“The Only Living Boy In NY” – I still play that one. I still feel that one sometimes.#TweeFilm


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