Unknown-2The answers btw to the last two trivia questions were b and all of the above.
Happy birthday to Howlin’ Pelle Almvist, Noel Gallagher and Ted Levine who played the serial killer in Silence of the Lambs. None of them are very twee but lambs are.

Also of note, Jeff Buckley was pronounced dead today in 1997 after drowning down in Memphis while recording the follow up to the still perfect Grace album. RIP Jeff. I met you once and sold you a Marlon Brando biography but I’ve listened to your album probably 5,000 times. Eternal life is on your trail.

Buckley is also not very twee (you could make an argument I suppose), but his absence is still very sad, all these years later. The kind of event where you can say you remember where you were when you heard. I was in Scottsdale Arizona trying to write a bad spec script for Friends and listening to a lot of Ween. It was 102 degrees and I was miserable. Romy Schneider also died on this day back in 1982 a suspected suicide.

She is a Twee icon in that she made films in the 60s now that are now fashion touchstones and it’s cool to drop her name as in, “That look is very Romy Schneider.” She had a long how you say, “l’amour fou” with actor Alain Delon, another Twee icon who would be if he’d ever made a film and only appeared on the cover of The Queen is Dead (but he made a lot of of films)



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