Happy 56th birthday to “The Modfather.” Weller and the Jam broke the rules and unabashedly embraced 60s pop and soul as well as the modernist aesthetic at a time (the late 70s) when punk gear, spiky hair, bondage gear and anti-fashion was de rigueur. They looked sharp. The Jam looked sharp. The Style Council weren’t half bad either for a while. His solo stuff is mostly popular in Britain but I like “Wild Wood” a lot. But it’s really all about blasting the Jam when required isn’t it? Favorite Jam song: “I’m Different Now.” Jam ballad that can make me cry: “The Bitterest Pill.” Best Jam cover: “Batman Theme.

Also enjoying a birthday today, we hope, is Dimitri Martin who is a very boyish and quizzical 41. Here was one of the people I had to sort of write about in Twee even though I don’t really consider him like… a scream. You have to respect his fan base and his contribution to new or indie comedy which def. has its Twee trappings. Well you don’t have to but I did.



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