Happy 73rd birthday to Bob Dylan. Dylan is a key part in the mechanics of Twee. That is to say his influence over, well, everything in the world, includes Twee from the urchin chic he pioneered, to his flair for posing with kitties (see Bringing It All Back Home sleeve), to Edie as muse, to his romance of old New York to his natural sense of rebellion to the fact that he wrote a Twee anthem in “My Back Pages” (“I was so much older than, I’m younger than that now.”) and “Forever Young.” He was snarky (as this infamous Donovan clip proves), for sure but also capable of being shockingly open-hearted (see just about all of Blood on the Tracks except for “Idiot Wind” which truth told, I usually skip unless I’m feeling mean, and heartbroken). He is a good thing to come along in this rotten world and we should be patriotic about him here in America, build statues of him in our cities and put him on stamps one day. He is Bob. Also if you haven’t heard Sean Penn read Chronicles Volume 1 you are missing out.



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