Bottle Rocket

NOTE: I will begin tweeting and posting at exactly noon on the 26th. At the risk of over-tweeting, I will wait until there is a dialogue going so mark your calendars.

The third installment of our Twee Film Society is 1996’s Bottle Rocket, the big screen debut of Twee icon Wes Anderson. Here’s the trailer.

And Janet Maslin’s original New York Times review.

Bottle Rocket’s story is sort of a classic Hollywood Cinderella thing. Anderson and co-star/writer Owen Wilson, who met at the University of Texas were still in Austin when legendary writer/director/producer James L. Brooks took them under his wing and shepherded the film (a flop at the time of its release but already showing evidence of a signature style that would flower with 1998’s Rushmore). Here’s a classic article for the Dallas Observer by journalist Matt Zoller Seitz which details the process. Seitz’s book The Wes Anderson Collection, which came out recently is also essential.

Like most of the films on the Film Society roster, they are available on Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and iTunes inexpensively but if you can get your hands on a Criterion Collection version there’s a lot of good shit there, including the early short that was basically the first statement by what’s now a major, American auteur.


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