Kicking and Screaming 1995 and Greenberg 2010

Kicking and Screaming



“Cecilia Ann” #TweeFilm

Is Jane a Salinger-esque character? She is not a manic pixie dream girl. She goes her own way (to Prague) and leaves Grover behind, but she certainly is a dream girl.#TweeFilm

She criticizes his work in workshops. There’s a similar scene in Wonder Boys – god, I forgot about college writing workshops how brutal they were – best friends and worst enemies were made – “It had slight had the feeling of being written in one night.”#Twee Film

“Oh I’ve been to Prague… I know that thing.” – Gen X’ers prided themselves on knowing “that thing” – carrying books around we haven’t read. Knowing about records we haven’t heard. Covering of bases. I = guilty.#TweeFilm#Poseur

Listing all the Friday the 13th –movies. An obsession with trivia – covers up life’s scarier issues – similar scene in Reality Bites from the year before – Good Times episodes, I think.#TweeFilm

“Monkeys, Monkeys, Ted and Alice.”#TweeFilm

The lease challenged generation in history? “I wish we were just going off to war.” Eigeman says#TweeFilm

What would you rather do fuck a cow or lose your mother?”#TweeFilm#donotanswer

Eigeman: “I’m nostalgic for conversations I had yesterday. I think I’m reminiscing events before they even occur. “ This line haunts me still.#TweeFilm

Sexual timidity. “Come on and be romantically self destructive with me.” Another great line, uttered, I believe by Perry Reeves – aka Mrs. Ari – “You pussy why don’t you take off your skirt.” Role-reversal = a Twee cinema trope, see Gregory’s Girl.#TweeFilm

While in Eastern Europe Jane, we learn via voice mail, takes a trip to Auschwitz. Unlike Grover (Hamilton) she wants to understand existence in an active not a passive way.#TweeFilm

Elliott Gould! Another twee trope: aloof relationship with parents – adults in general. Good line: “I’m not really ready to accept you as a human being – the thought of you and mom is disgusting enough.”#TweeFilm

Grover (Hamilton) wants to break free – wants to give up knowing “that thing.” These are heroes who are not heroic but understand heroism. They want it but are inert. “Put me on a plane – let me go!” This will be the first in a series of failed escapes for the guy I fear#TweeFilm

I wonder if Chet is still there. Eric Stoltz gave me a great interview. This film would probs not exist without him. Story in the book.#TweeFilm

Greenberg – 2010

Is Gerwig acting different than Mumblecore? Did she go pro, take lessons, pick up tricks or ticks?#TweeFilm

Stiller in Chas T mode not dick in zipper mode. I like this Stiller. Permanent Midnight Stiller. Underrated.#TweeFilm

These guys are Kicking and Screaming guys grown up “It’s weird aging right?”
“Youth is wasted on the young.” “Life is wasted on people.”#TweeFilm

Florence like the Kicking and Screaming kids NOW “out of college for as long as I’ve been in and nobody cares if I get up in the morning.”#TweeFilm

God I remember walking in LA. Missing Persons were wrong. Greenberg walks in LA.#TweeFilm

Letters of complaint: Starbucks, American Airlines , Mayor Bloomberg, Pet Taxi #TweeFIlm

He plays her “It Never Rains in California” – she doesn’t remember when they used to play it on the radio when it rained. Probably never listens to terrestrial radio. “You have to see past the kitsch.” She thinks she can… Twees can/must#TweeFilm

“I’m really trying to do nothing right now.”/“That’s brave at our age.”#TweeFilm

Baumbach claimed this is a misunderstood comedy. All you have to do is watch first (oral) sex scene. “Do you hear a train” COMEDY!#TweeFilm

Mix tapes!#TweeFilm

“I’m impressed by you.” She says . Why does she like him? Does she like him because Baumbach wrote her liking him? Why is he likeable? #TweeFilm

“You kids are mean speech..” should be carved on a statue somewhere in BK. Also small rock snob gripe: these kids would not be listening to Korn, it’s not 1998.#TweeFilm

Florence with child the whole time – metaphor – with child with him/he’s a child – I think very deeply#TweeFilm

Thing in the pool looks like Gorey’s The Doubtful Guest – is that on purpose?#TweeFilm

What do we think of James Murphy’s sdtk. Subtle – comes to life when real songs come on ‘ Steve Miller, Wings, Albert Hammond, Galaxie 500 Sonics….#TweeFIlm

“Hurt people hurt people….” – she gets into his brain when he’s high, finally and he doesn’t even know it.#TweeFilm

Graceful ending. He puts up a picture for her. A carpenter. Simple child drawing. Like the end of Bright Lights Big City. Bread.#TweeFilm

Great prescient opening lines “Are you going to let me in…”#TweeFilm

Great closing line: “Okay this is you…” #TweeFilm

Best line of all (especially because it’s uttered in Musso and Frank): “Sit on my dick!”#TweeFilm


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