NOTE: I will begin tweeting and posting at exactly noon on the 22nd. At the risk of over-tweeting, I will wait until there is a dialogue going so mark your calendars.



It’s a Noah Baumbach double feature for next week’s Film Society selection: Kicking and Screaming (1995) and Greenberg (2010). Kicking and Screaming features about a half dozen future indie film icons including Parker Posey, Josh Hamilton and Eric Stoltz (the latter two were good enough to speak with me for my upcoming book). Greenberg stars, of course, Ben Stiller in the title role and is the mainstream breakout performance for “Mumblecore” star Greta Gerwig (who would go on to date Baumbach and co-write and star in the stellar Frances Ha – 2013). Jennifer Jason Leigh (then Baumbach’s partner), Rhys Ifans, Mark Duplass and Brie Larsen have key roles and James Murphy, then of LCD Soundsystem composed the soundtrack.

The films, shot 15 years apart, are sort of book ends, some of the tentative college graduates characters in film one will surely grow up to be 40 something, emotionally fragile Roger Greenbergs once life kicks them around some.

Once again, we will discuss the best/worst moments, the best lines, the performances, the music, why they are/not twee and how they hold up.

Greenberg is screening on Netflix and Kicking and Screaming is available on iTunes and Amazon Instant Video but so is the Will Ferrell soccer comedy that stole its title so don’t get confused because I will not be discussing that film with anyone.

Here’s the Kicking and Screaming trailer

Here’s Janet Maslin’s original review in the New York Times:

Here’s the Greenberg trailer

Here’s A.O. Scott’s original review in the New York Times.

REMEMBER: Use the hashtage #TweeFilm.

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