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Close up of frowning, weary Hoffman a godfather to Zach Braff/Garden State. I know this has been pointed out before but it’s my first thought forever now#TweeFilm

This is a film about a boy becoming a man, period.#TweeFilm

As with all Twee film, adults are seen from the young eye as ridiculous and petty. From Peanuts to this to Gregory’s Girl to the Ice Storm to Freaks and Geeks. Nichols makes these especially dotty#TweeFilm

“I have to be alone for a while.”#amongthebest/truestlines#TweeFilm

Mr. Maguire. Plastics. Quote me.#TweeFilm

Ben is also a godfather to Max from Rushmore. The bit about the college yearbook. All those clubs. He’s a star of track and field#TweeFilm

“I’m very neurotic.” Mrs. Robinson gets the next great line#TweeFilm

Is she sexually terrifying or just part of that adult world I was discussing earlier that he is justifiably wary of joining?#TweeFilm

I mean she’s actually very straightforward and patient with him, re: sex. She makes it easy for him. As she terrifies him.#TweeFilm

“Let me out!”#TweeFilm

I miss it in film where “a night cap” is used as a plot device. And what is up with the Robinson’s enormous decanters??#TweeFilm

Buck Henry cameo. “Are you here for an affair, Sir?” Buck Henry is a genius. Also said before. #TweeFlm

The hotel rooms are pitch black. Ben is clueless about sex. It makes me think of Elvis’ “The Mystery Dance,” and much of first Violent Femmes album, both of which I write about in Twee book#TweeFilm

He changes A LOT after fucking her. She kind of gives him his cool. There’s no more drowning imagery. The fish tank. The wet suit. He’s floating now. The shades, the slang when his dad asks what college was for “Ya got me?”#TweeFilm

Months pass. It’s a long affair. I always forget that.#Twee Film

Elaine arrives from Berkeley. Katherine Ross. She could be a French movie star. Does Ben fall in love with her when he sees her cry? It’s hard to watch the scene in the burlesque where she’s tortured by the stripper with the tassled boobs?#TweeFilm

Is he ever in love with her? Or just shamed? He rebels back into kindness.#TweeFilm

Such a great scene where he’s himself again and they’re simply eating fries in the car. You want them to be together. You’re reminded they are young. #Twee Film

“I have to be rude all the time.” Ben disgusted with the hard world. He knows a bad moon is rising. “I’m playing some kind of game but the rules don’t make sense to me.”#Twee Film

He confesses to Elaine. He beats Mrs. Robinson to it. She distorts the truth later and gets the better of him for a while, but it’s a brave move. It’s why he’s a hero. Truth.#TweeFilm

Norman Fell#TweeFilm

Richard Dreyfuss#Tweefilm

It’s all happening at the zoo.#Twee Film

“Sound of Silence,” breaks up the three acts. I never noticed that before. I’ve read Save the Cat.#TweeFilm

“I think you are scum!” Mr. Robinson is a bit of a wuss. After he finds out. Especially with all that liquid courage. Sorry if that’s a spoiler… for a 46 year old film.#TweeFilm

“Elaine! Elaine! Elaine! Ben!”#TweeFilm

The parents and her groom, the “make out king” have no voice, like Peanuts adults. They are mute.”#TweeFilm

Everyone talks about the “uh oh, what have we done.” ending on the bus and once they realize what they’ve done will they stay together? I’ve always, always thought they would. That they were in love. It’s just adrenaline.

Remember that scene in the Player where Buck Henry pitches a sequel?#TweeFilm

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