Today in Twee

Happy birthday Sidney. You would have been 57 today had you not overdosed on heroin in 1979 . I pass the building on Bank Street in the West Village where you died every day when I walk my two dogs. I point it out to them. They don’t care because it’s not covered in pee. They also don’t care whether Sid really killed Nancy because it’s they’re not covered in pee.

In other Twee milestones, Shel Silverstein started feeding the giving tree on this day in 1999. He was 68 and even though he looked like Anton LaVey, he was the author of many charming children’s books like Where the Sidewalk Ends, and A Light in the Attic which had a huge influence on my generation… well, these were the books our hippie parents gave us anyway. He was also a successful songwriter (“The Cover of the Rolling Stone,” “A Boy Names Sue,” “The Ballad of Lucy Jordan,” that was a good one.)



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