Beginning tomorrow, May 8, I will be hosting a twice monthly Twee Book Club.

Basically, for the time being I will choose a book or poem from the Twee literary canon (children’s books included) and later lead an ongoing discussion on Twitter and via my website, this site ( The first of these discussions will begin on Thursday, May 22 (with the hashtag being #TweeBooks for the Twitter convo). Eventually I will open the floor to suggestions for subsequent titles.

Among the things we will discuss: the best and worst moments, the book’s lasting influence, our favorite and least favorite characters, sections, and lines, how it compares to the author’s other work and how it generally makes us feel.

The first book in the series, as you can see, will be J.D. Salinger’s Franny and Zooey.


If you don’t already own it (and if you’re even reading this your probably do) you can get one of the famous mass market copies with the white jackets and the basic black cover text on just about any retail site for about four dollars (including shipping) and keep it forever (or pass it along to a good buddy who may or may not be a cat).

Here is the Wiki page as well as John Updike’s original review from the The New York Times in 1961

If you want to join/sign up for the club just leave your twitter handle either here or in the comments section of this post on my site and I will be sure to include you in the discussion directly. There’s no obligation.

Happy reading and we will talk on 5.22, hopefully at length about this classic of Twee Lit.

Note: The next book club selection, should you care to visit the library (or your local book store) early will be The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath. A more formal announcement will be made on the site on 5.22 with some info on the novel and Plath.



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