Today in Twee

Happy 57th birthday to Richard E. Grant, current co-star of Girls and legendary co-star of the greatest film ever made (sometimes), Withnail and I. I believe Morrissey named an album after it, did he not? If I ever get another pet, say a hairless cat, I will name him Withnail and he and I will demand fine wine! Also, a very happy 55th to the second prettiest rock star who ever lived (after Debbie Harry), Mr. Ian McCulloch. I once did a long interview with him for Spin magazine and we got along extremely well. So much so that he suggested when he was in NYC we would hang out together, get drunk and get oysters but I chickened out. If I was in my 20s I would have done it to death but I was on the cusp of 40 then and very low T. Like all great beauties, it’s troubling to see current photos of Mac the Mouth now (or Adam Ant etc. etc.) but I am glad he didn’t die young and stay (almost impossibly) pretty. And fuck if those records don’t hold up. Ocean Rain turned 30 last week and is still the best sex album ever recorded (try it). When I was (much) younger, I did my best to look like Mac and if I squinted very hard, I almost… no I didn’t. Not even c-c-c-close.


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