Today in Twee

The great Mick Ronson, who arrived from Hull to change David Bowie’s life passed away on this day in 1993 at just 46 years of age. One of his last triumphs was producing one of Morrissey’s four more or less perfect solo albums, Your Arsenal (what are the other three? I am willing to debate that with all comers). I interviewed Mr. Ronson’s widow once and she let me hold his guitar for about 30 seconds. It’s a moment I will not forget. Also of note, Tommy James, responsible for a half dozen perfect 60s pop songs, was born today in 1947. Happy birthday Tommy. Your baby does the hanky panky. I think, with the exception of two sleeping basset hounds, we are alone now, and here is your masterpiece. Anyone who plays the edited version is a turkeyneck.


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