“Rock of All Ages”

RIP Pete Ham (born 1947) who died on this day in 1975; a suicide, one of eventually two members of this great band to take their own lives. This is my favorite Badfinger song. It is Twee because its obscure, from a little seen British film (The Magic Christian), and perfect, unashamed pop. I think about Badfinger a lot. I think about Badfinger more than I think about The Strypes or Jake Bugg (although I like them both). Once, when I had a Discman (back in the Bronze Age), i cued up the opening chords to “No Matter What” over and over again because I only wanted to hear the opening before the vocals (I was not sober). Not that the vocals and all Badfinger vocals aren’t stellar. Most people know them today because of the final of Breaking Bad’s use of “Baby Blue,” and because of all the death but I prefer to dwell on the pop which wrenches my guts up sometimes.


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